Custom Design

If you have a special piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted but are unable to find then you’re in luck because Monmouth Jewelers specializes in creating finely handcrafted custom design jewelry. Our goldsmiths Sandy and Doug have over sixty years experience in the jewelry industry and they can help make your dreams a reality. We will collaborate with you to craft a unique piece of jewelry to reflect your personality and lifestyle. You’ll receive personal attention at every step in the process to develop a unique design that reflects your vision. Our goal is to help you bring your visualization and inspiration to life.

Step 1: Your Inspiration

Contact us to make an appointment and bring in your preliminary concept, any sketches, jewelry or gemstones to incorporate into your new piece. We’ll work with you to come up with a design.

Step 2: Concept and Design

Once we’ve reviewed your initial ideas we’ll work together to create a design just for you. During this stage we’ll make any adjustments necessary to make sure the overall design is perfect, just as you envisioned.

Step 3: Created the CAD / Carving the Wax Model

Once the design has been finalized we’ll either create a computerized (CAD) model displaying multiple views of your piece or carve a wax model for you to see and touch. This will be presented to you for any modifications and for final approval before production begins.

Step 4: Casting and Finishing Touches

Your new jewelry will be manufactured in your desired metal and diamonds and gemstones will be meticulously set. The beautiful newly finished piece will be presented to you for years of enjoyment and you can wear your new jewelry or give a truly one-of-a-kind present as your vision becomes breathtaking reality.