Bare Diamond
By Monmouth Jewelers Staff

Bare Diamonds


Introducing Bare Diamond

Mother Nature has created diamonds deep beneath the Earth’s mantle for billions of years. These sparkling, indestructible stones have come to represent all of our most precious feelings for one another. The only problem is that mining diamonds from the Earth can come with an unsustainable human and environmental cost. Bare Diamond recreates the precise environment that nature uses to create diamonds that are virtually identical to those created in the ground. Each Bare Diamond takes more than three hundred hours to handcraft to exacting specifications. Bare Diamond engineers are highly educated scientists with decades of years in the field and work with the most advanced lab technology and precise cutting lasers in state of the art facilities to create diamonds with a sustainable origin.


Bare Diamonds are beautiful in every way, ethically sourced, indistinguishable from mined diamonds, and cost 30-40% less. Bare Diamonds are the next generation of diamonds.